XPlained with NavX


Questions and Answers

Is there a transaction fee?

Yes. There is a $75 transaction fee that covers file compliance and payment processing. Any and all admin fees may be charged to the buyer or seller at the agent’s discretion. 

Do you offer training?

Yes. Our training starts with XPlan to help you “Define Your Destination, Discover Your Purpose, and Plan Your Journey.” We also offer an 8 Week Career Jumpstarter, plus monthly live training with NavX Leadership and trusted partners, original streaming content, plus content beyond real estate from some of the greatest thought-leaders of our day on Right Now Media @ Work. We believe in BALANCE and want our agents to grow, not just professionally, but also personally.

Can I set up a team under me or bring my current team with me?

Yes! Our Team Plans are unmatched in the industry with industry low Caps. Whether you start a team or bring your current team, NavX is the brokerage for you!

How can you afford to be in business with such low Caps and monthly fees?

NavX Realty prides itself on being different from the larger brick-and-mortar brokerage models you may be familiar with. We keep overhead low and have cut out the fluff that you are paying for with your current brokerage. Because our founders began as agents, they understand how it feels to give up hard-earned money and time for little value. As a result, our goal at NavX has always been to set our agents up for success so that they can reach their destination in and out of the workplace, and part of that comes from lower monthly fees and greater commission opportunities!

Am I required to request a specific commission from my clients?

No. You may request whatever commission that you would like; we feel that this is between you and the client.

Are there any additional fees, such as E&O or franchise fees?

Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) is a type of professional liability insurance. E&O is included in your $99 monthly fee, and we do not have franchise fees. The only additional fees could be from certain MLS Systems that charge agents’ monthly fees to the brokerage. These are passed on directly to the agent penny-for-penny.

Do you provide leads?

Yes. You can join our Inside Sales Associate (ISA) Leads Program and receive qualified warm to hot leads who are ready to sell and/or buy. We also offer BoomTownROI as part of your technology package, a lead generation system designed to generate 30-50 leads a month.

What kind of marketing materials do you provide?

NavX Realty provides design templates for your business cards and yard signs. Additionally, every agent gets access to BoomTown and the comprehensive marketing tools that come with the platform.

Do I have to report to a physical location?

No. However, we do offer local Market Centers where you can hold closings, meet a client, drop-in to get some work done, etc. 

What technologies and platforms are used at NavX?

Check out our Technology Page for details on the practical technology suite we offer to our agents. 

How do I move my license over to NavX?

It all starts with a conversation. Simply click “Start A Conversation” now, and we will get you moving toward a future of more money for the things that are most important in life.

How does NavX handle referrals?

When a NavX Agent sends an outgoing referral to another brokerage, the agent will receive the full incoming referral fee/payment, less a $75 payment processing/compliance fee.

Is there a fee for selling personal property?

When selling personal property, agents pay a $75 transaction fee. This includes all real estate property sales where an agent has potential personal financial gain. Agents are not permitted to represent both sides of a transaction when selling personal real estate property.