Compensation Plans

NavX Realty Plans for Individuals and Teams

NavX Realty
Compensation Plans

No one offers a Total Team Cap as competitive as NavX Realty.

Featured Team Plan

For Teams of 4 or More

Are You Ready to Earn More?

Our 100% commission plans will help you reach your financial goals. No one offers a total team cap as competitive as NavX Realty. We are built for teams!


2 Agent Teams

$8,000/Team Cap

3 Agent Teams

$12,000/Team Cap

4+ Agent Teams

$16,000 Max Team Cap


The 100 Plan

$4,200 Cap

NavX Realty Believes in NO HIDDEN FEES. The following is a full disclosure of all fees.

Monthly Fees

Your monthly fee is just $99. This covers your Tech Suite and E&O.

Transaction/Admin Fee

A fee of $75 is charged to the agent on each transaction. This fee covers the cost for the brokerage to manage compliance with each transaction file and process payment to the agent. 

Annual Fee


Initial Activation


Agent Referrals

When a NavX Agent sends an outgoing referral to another brokerage, the agent will receive the full incoming referral fee/payment, less a $75 payment processing/compliance fee. The referral payment is subject to cap if not already met.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Agents pay a $15 payment processing fee on all BPOs.

Selling Personal Real Estate

When selling personal property, agents pay a $75 transaction fee. This includes all real estate property sales where an agent has potential personal financial gain. Agents are not permitted to represent both sides of a transaction when selling personal real estate property.